About process of making laboratory

From start to finish in building laboratories, we will give you a one-stop service.

There are a lot of technical and difficult things in making laboratories, therefore it is essential for you to have a sufficient knowledge and experiences about research facilities.
You might want to do your research work and building project at the same time, but not have enough time. Or you might want to save energy, but don’t know how. Or you might want to improve efficiency of the research and productivity, but can’t make up mind.
The professionals of building research institutes will solve problems including cost management on behalf of you. We will create a research environment that is functional, highly designed and looking into the future.

One-Stop Service

We utilize our specialized knowledge from our experience, minimize the clients’ burden and fully manage the project.

STEP 01 Programming & Schematic Design
Basic Plan

Basic Plan

We provide an ideal research space that meets various needs in doing researches based on thorough investigation and meetings with the client.

  • Inspect current laboratory, make a list of facility equipment
  • Investigate regal requirements, regulations and environment
  • Set required utilities
  • Set requested specifications of each rooms
  • Verify with relevant rooms
  • Make an estimation of required space
  • Make a suggestion of similar facilities
  • Draw up a concept
  • Plan a project schedule
  • Make an estimation of the project budget
STEP 02 Design Development
Basic Design

Basic Design

We propose a latest architecture and facility that corresponds to characteristics of the research facility and make a design plan that is functional and enhances creativity.

  • Zoning, flow planning
  • Site survey, ground survey, etc.
  • Structural planning, electrical facility, mechanical equipment planning
  • Energy saving, security, disaster prevention plan
  • Make an estimation of the construction plan
  • Prior consultation with authorities
  • Make a basic drawings and specifications
  • Make a model and 3D perspective drawing, plan on interior
  • Make a laboratory criteria sheet
  • Make drawings and specifications of research equipment, furniture and utensils
STEP 03 Contract Documentation
Detailed Design

Detailed Design

We offer services such as inspecting hardware and construction method, using special air conditioning system, laboratory monitoring system, VAV system, etc., in order to provide safe and comfortable research environment and consider energy load.

  • Make a draft for the final design
  • Make a document of specifications and financial statements
  • Make a construction work bidding document
  • Carry out the procedures and applications with authorities
  • Apply a building certification
  • Request a quotation to the contractor and have a technical verification
  • Support a construction contract
STEP 04 Contract Administration
Contract Administration

Contract Administration

Engineers who have specialized skills will manage the complicated and advanced research facility’s construction. We will work on to optimize the process, cost and quality.

  • Site supervision
  • Evaluation of V.E., C.D.
  • Organize a regular meeting at the construction site
  • Coordinate, manage and report any changes made at the site
  • Attend inspections and hand over the property
  • Describe the instructions and facility operation
  • Arrange any additional constructions
STEP 05 Relocation Administration
Relocation Administration

Relocation Administration

Experts of each area’s apparatus will look after existing laboratory facilities including investigating equipment, dismantling, relocating, starting up, taking data and after services.

  • Formulate a relocation schedule
  • Arrange a quote with agents
  • Decide an agent and provide a support for the contract
  • Hold an explanatory meeting
  • Inspection before relocation
  • Validation after relocation
STEP 06 Post-Contract Service
Maintenance Inspection

Maintenance Inspection

We will provide a support for making comfortable environment after relocating, from repairing and conducting a maintenance of the building, to repairing and giving a regular service of the facilities and equipment.

  • Check the punch list and confirm the completion
  • Conduct a defect check after 1 year and 2 years
  • Confirm a maintenance system and make a suggestion
  • Conduct an evaluation survey after moving in
  • Consultation on maintenance
  • Building diagnosis