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We design for discovery and innovation.

Innovation is required in every organization. Technological innovation, business innovation…etc. Innovation is born out of free, innovative and co-creative ideas that reverse conventional wisdom. So where does that idea come from? Isn't it a free, innovative, co-creative culture of the organization? And I think that it is the positive emotions of every one who works on the place that creating the culture.

The design of the laboratory where Planus is the most focused is architecture and work environment that creates innovation corporate culture, which is centered on the movement of people's mind and is centered on the research environment and the relationship between people and architecture. It does not have to be extravagant, it is a place where you can feel a special and unique experience in a casual and homely atmosphere. Formal feeling such as tension, luxury, and modernity hardens the air and does not create any interaction. We value the enjoyment and feeling better than that kind of air.

Every one produces a magical moment as you move around and act according to your inspiration. Let's create such a research environment with us! Let's PLAN it with US!

CEO Masayoshi Hayashi

Masayoshi Hayashi

Company Profile

CEO Masayoshi Hayashi
Address Tokyo
3-23 Metlife Kanda Nishikicho Bldg,Nishikicho,Kanda Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,101-0054
t. +81-3-5282-8611 f. +81-3-5282-8761

Osaka Studio
1-17-17 Crei Higobashi,Edobori,Nishi-ku,Osaka,550-0002
t. +81-6-6479-8885 f. +81-6-6479-8883
Establishment 11/1990
Capital stock ¥100,000,000

Registered architect with a first-class license
Tokyo #50085

Real estate broker
Tokyo #(1)104050

Member organizations Architectural Institute of Japan
Services Planning of research and development facilities
Design and supervision of design, structure and equipment
And consulting services
Formulation of innovation strategy
Real estate consulting

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