ProjectFUJI OIL Co. Ltd.
The 3rd research building

Due to the complication of markets, it is an era that demands to develop new products and change business conditions consistently. I recently think now is an era of architectures to be like a small base camp, or a Lego blocks which we can reassemble each time the theme changes. Such building can be one of the options for companies to choose from when they build laboratories. Building a laboratory as compact as possible provides many advantages, such as reducing the cost of building the facility, including maintenance and infrastructure fees. However, with a compact laboratory, it is important to have know-hows about research equipment workers use and how they move in the building. You will also need a precise design and supervision if you want to make a bright and comfortable space where researchers won’t feel cramped. With this project, we have had a through meetings with the researchers who will work at this building, and pursued functional and comfortable “Small is Beautiful”.

Completion November 2015
Structure S structure
Site area 21,754m2
Total floor 431m2
Location Tsukuba-mirai, Ibaraki
The 8th NISC ISOWAND Design Contest
Jun Aoki Selected