ProjectHaba Laboratories Inc.
Head Office

The tasteful

A building with sound white skin standing high in the tasteful and cultural town of Kanda Sudacho, Changing its look with the light, as well as freshening the ambient air.

Haba Laboratories, Inc., a cosmetic brand, planned to have its head office and research and development site in this town. We intended to blend the client’s concept of pursuing human beauty and health, and environmentally-friendly production, into the building design. We applied external thermal insulation composite systems, which are commonly used in environmentally-advanced countries such as Germany and Sweden, and womanly tenderness and feminine skin textures are produced. The heat insulation properties of the building’s outer skin prevent heat loss from the building by insulating it against the outside air, so that a very comfortable room temperature can be maintained, resulting in the effect of reducing environmental loads and increasing the asset value of the building. In this area, with a small amount of green space, a green laboratory is achieved by incorporating various energy-saving technologies, such as a roof garden that provides a feeling of harmony with nature, and LED lighting installed throughout the floors.

Completion May, 2011
Structure S Structure
Structure Design Ove Arup & Partners
Site area. 226m2
Total floor 1,700m2
Location Chiyoda, Tokyo