ProjectKANRO Co. Ltd. 
R&D Center in Toyosu

Bounce in seven colors

Honey, muscat grapes, apple, orange, café au lait, milk… sweet and lovely candies.
The client is Kanro Co. Ltd., who thinks it is their mission to provide tastiness, enjoyment and health to the consumers.
Their request was to renovate their unique building located in Toyosu into a laboratory.
I wanted to make a delicious, joyful, healthy and adorable atmosphere.
Brilliant colors extracted from fruits. Reading space like a hiding place.
Bright trial manufacturing room where natural light comes in. Candy-like furniture.
It provides a brand image to the visitors through the whole building. I believe an atmosphere which researchers can work cheery, happily and feeling it is their mission to develop a product leads to a development of new product that people can feel fond of.

Completion May, 2015
Total floor 1360m2
Location Toyosu , Tokyo