Research Laboratory

Illusion of color

As a driving force of the economy, industrial zones are essential in modern society, but are located relatively out of sight of people other than related persons for security purposes. For the specific purpose of industrial production, unnecessary exterior decorations are also removed and the exterior view tends to be simple and mechanical. The project site is in Sodegaura City in Chiba Prefecture, which is one of Japan’s major industrial zones, where the same zone-specific landscape was formed, such as a number of stacks and piping racks, generating a kind of nostalgic but science-fiction-like atmosphere. We intended to change the landscape. A bright, strong color is unlikely to be affected by the complexity of the surrounding landscape and various environmental changes. Colors have a mysterious power that can evoke feelings. Just seeing colors, for example can make people feel calm or high, or mitigate anxiety. The research environment for synthetic chemical sciences tends to be inorganic because a lot of equipment and fume hoods are installed the same manner as in the surrounding environment. Colors have the effect of putting less emphasis on them. At night, the public space enclosed at the center of the building lights up colorfully, which presents a fascinating look that cannot be seen during the day.

Completion October, 2010
Structure S Structure
Structure Design Showa Sekkei
Site area. 858m2
Total floor 4,062m2
Location Sodegaura, Chiba