ProjectMerck Millipore

Now you can see Millipore water purification systems in every laboratory. This project is a plan to build a complex at Odaiba, Tokyo, which includes a showroom for demonstrating water purification systems ranging from laboratory scale to process scale, as well as a training laboratory, office, seminar room, and service lounge. The image of the space is derived from water. In order to come up to the smooth and flowing shape of the facilities and the maximally pure elements, natural wood materials were used as a design point in view of presenting the brand image. To provide hospitality to customers who visit the facilities, a lounge space was designed to enjoy the borrowed scenery of the Odaiba Sea, with a service counter and bar counter and box seats installed so that various uses can be developed. The corridor walls are used as a gallery to display brochures, monitors, and new products with a view to enhancing promotion functions. The spaces designed in layers can provide a depth that gives pleasure, like wandering into deeper levels.

Completion July, 2014
Total floor 1070m2
Location Koto, Tokyo