ProjectNitto Denko Corporation

Make LAB multi-colored

This is a project of designing an interior and F.F.E (Furniture, Fixture & Equipment) in the experiment and research area.
The client had requested a space to be as flexible and open as possible, and an environment which can promote an encounter and interaction between workers. I was a little surprised when I heard the existing building does not have ceiling finish and the frameworks are visible, and it has windows directly open to the laboratory considering the efficiency. However at the same time I thought I could make a space where you can concentrate and feel the sense of unity and liveliness. First of all, we placed an equipment support area in the center of the laboratory. All the devices producing the noise and heat, which impedes intellectual creativity of the workers and gives the miscellaneous impression are put together in that area. As a result, we could secure effective space to install more machineries. Also, workers could shut themselves up in that space to concentrate. We also attempted for workers to have a chance of casual meetings while they are waiting for the data to be completed. With the space without a natural lightings, having colors is an effective way to create a lively impression. In here, we gave a productive energy to the space using colors and lightings. In addition, by improving the visibility, we aimed to stimulate the researchers’ brain and give them a clear thinking and boost their morale. By using colors, we could put people, machine, space and feelings together and organize them.

Completion March, 2016
Total floor 2,133m2
Location Ibaraki, Osaka