ProjectTokyo University of Science
Research Project for Organ Regeneration Building

Arteries and veins

Through the portal, deep into the woody hill...
Climbing up the slope in the sunshine filtering through foliage, suddenly a wide view appears.
Noticing clouds drifting, the sky getting higher, the wind blowing through trees, and the birds singing, it is a reminder that winter is just around the corner.
On the deck, researchers and students come and gather as they wish.
Going inside the building with a comfortable air, the timber structure and solid wood laboratory furniture welcome visitors with their warmth.
From the laboratory, natural green scenery can be seen.
This project is a laboratory, fused with the nature in which it is set, having an ambiguous boundary between the inside and the outside.

The client is Professor Takashi Tsuji, who is famous in the field of organ development and regeneration research. Our first contact with Professor Tsuji was memorable. It was at the occasion of the design competition among several architecture firms, based on their presentations for a new research building. Professor Tsuji stopped our presentation after about 15 minutes. We were puzzled and wondered what went wrong. But Professor Tsuji announced, “I will appoint Planus.” That’s how the design started. At first, the planning was slow due to various factors that caused many changes to the building site, size and budget. However, Professor Tsuji knew how much the research environment can have an effect on researchers and students, future students, and even their academic careers. His utmost strong desire and deep understanding (the Professor’s laboratory was then full of architectural magazines!) pushed us to make proposals persistently, which is now our favorite memory.

Completion January, 2012
Structure RC + Timber Structure
Structure Design Ove Arup & Partners
Site area. 435m2
Total floor 666m2
Location Noda, Chiba