Center for Development Biology Dr. Takashi Tsuji’s office

It is a new research center for Dr. Takashi Tsuji who is keep presenting innovative regenerative medicine technologies to the public.
His old base was a laboratory for organ regeneration at Tokyo University of Science, designed by our office “PLANUS”. With his old office, in order to establish “open atmosphere and feeling of unity with laboratory”, which Dr. Tsuji values the most, we have connected office and laboratory with open ceiling and removed as much walls as possible. In the new research center, to make same atmosphere, we used glasses to the walls that separates each area, so that you can overlook lab and researchers’ office from P.I.(Principal Investigator) room. Workers certainly can check Dr. Tsuji’s action all the time which can result in promotion of communications and at the same time, how one of the top researchers behave in his office can be taught. As experiment furniture occupies most spaces in the laboratory, qualities of the furniture determine the atmosphere of the room. With this project, we have decided to carefully dismantle house fixtures and beautiful sliced veneer laboratory table Dr. Tsuji was using in his old office, and relocate them to the new laboratory. We have used vermilion color on the wall behind those warm furniture to give a moderate tension and used lights that give a depth to the room.

Completion December, 2014
Total floor 540m2
Location Chuo-ku, Kobe